Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Simone de Beauvoir

I stumbled upon de Beauvoir for the first time when I was 17. Since then, I'd collect her work and occasionally read about her. Yet, I am not here to discuss her philosophy, her life, or whatsoever ... I actually have a question.

... recently, I came across a well known de Beauvoir quote, "One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others by means of love, friendship, indignation, and compassion."

I've always delighted it for its dedication to humanity without the need for any over-determining morality, 'humanists,' or even religion in general. On the other hand, reading it again ... I began feeling there is sternness in this: love, friendship, compassion, yes. However... indignation? How? With regard to what?

I'd like to think she meant unconditional love.

Then maybe she was just pissed at Sartre that she lashed out ... indignation.

What do you think?