Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vivere la vita!

yay for sunday. and, can't friday come any sooner? there should be an official diagnosis for both spring fever and senioritis combined. whatever that would be, i'm having a severe case of it. besides, the weather isn't helping either. it's just so bipolar and manipulative, one second it's all sooo friendly looking all encouraging and sunny then the next thing i know it's raining cats and dogs. then the next, it's cloudy. you know the rest. due to this weather, i'm already restless and so ready to get back to where the hot sun is. i just came from phoenix, where it was 90 degrees! so from that to this... humph. talk about sweet torture.

i want to feel THAT heat on my skin again. summer, how far are you?

bursting the bubble here now. i can stop dreaming. i work tomorrow, classes tuesday... work again, then classes again. etc, etc. it's not all too bad, actually. :)

i'm finishing up this book, the holy cow by sarah macDonald... and holy cow... it's good. really, it is. the cover of the book is admittedly a little loud - see this? that.

but it's so educational, hilarious beyond comprehension, and so very honest. it speaks of an australian journalist moving to india and experiences the turnabouts of life in india. there is so much about that country we do not know about. she had befriended with so many kinds of people, we see that no matter how different those people are, they all still hold the same innate indian belief. through her journey, we see everything about that country is so bizarre, yet so spiritual and dedicated with their rituals. she attended ashrams and weddings, celebrated their holidays, participated in exorbitant festivals, saw the rich and the poor - you name it, she been to the deepest of that country and came out showing the world india the way she saw it.

she celebrated passover with bunch of israelis in india. who does that? (well i know i would love to!)

the thing is that... sarah macDonald is not jewish. this particular act shows the true spirit of togetherness, respect, and humanity.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tomorrow is fresh...

... and with no mistakes in it.

friday night in. talk about bliss. i'm positively lethargic, so you can only imagine how deep-fried my brain is. still, that did not stop me from thinking earlier about 'mistakes' that people make. i'm as human as i can get so naturally i have my own share of errs, yet i do try to learn from them. experience, to me, is the name we give our mistakes. i also believe others' screw-ups could be our own lessons, as well which is why we don't befall upon the exact same mistakes at the same time. everyone learns a lesson in different ways, different times in their lives, and at different places. it's so important to be able to listen, and unfold how you're able to learn from the others. whenever i feel downright shitty about screwing up, i think... OK, i'll deal with it now and say look, this is also a lesson for you, too. mistakes that have been made do not sum up a person as a whole, really. i remember mentioning to a friend before about how it's rather odd that when a person is mean, we'd be subjective about it. but when a person is nice, then nice is just nice.

i have had close ones totally messing up... and i forgave them. for some people, i've seen the good qualities surpassing the bad; it's their good qualities that will be remembered by. i'd know. life is really too short to hold grudges.

i'm not saying i always find myself being off the mark... *laughs* i'm just saying i'll never feel less of myself for the lessons i've made. :)

i came across a saying earlier by maya angelou:

"you may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, i'll rise."

anyway, i have a confession to make... i've been harboring this secret for a long while. i'm ridiculously addicted to the twilight series. i could have sworn that stephenie meyer must have done some kind of philter while writing this series. i'm mesmerized, captivated, and enthralled with this mythical world of hers.

the thing is that, i was never particularly intrigued by fantasy novels-- sci-fi ones, me usually say "see you later." i'd usually see myself finding no excitement in overly popular-crazed books, for i found the harry potter series mind-numbing. i never finished the first book, not even halfway done. twilight, on the other hand, makes my heart flutter. i'd think, stupid vampire book, i need sleep! it's for tweens... i tell myself.... still i melt when edward tells bella he prefers brunettes.

vampires. for as long as i could remember, i always thought they were hot. always somewhat had a thing for them.

damn, i've been bitten.

before i go and tuck myself under covers with a good book (my kind of night), here's a photo of the day:

giggling is my god-given talent :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reeling back in, yeah!

the name is jessica but i've been going by jassi for so long now, i can't imagine being anything else. 

so, call me jassi. :)

i'm twenty-four, and was born in this granola crunchers' paradise of maryland also known as takoma park. i love takoma park, it being in the vicinity of washington, DC and i have this intense love and hate relationship with DC. i'm a vegetarian who loves chopped liver, cheese, and fish. as of today my favorite color is red but it's high likely that it may change tomorrow. i have a chocolate lab who is the love of my life even though he annoys me with that heart-wrenching puppy look of his. i love being in nature and to take long walks on a beach. i also love the cultural-high, sultry-feel, and the originality that i find in cities, above all in new york city. i am not afraid of heights but am terrified of the dark. my favorite season is autumn, yet, i love how summertime makes me feel timeless and carefree. i'm the lovable kind of scorpio... albeit complicated and mysterious. ok, ok... enough about me... for now. :)

i used to blog on xanga, and it's pretty much nonexistent these days. besides i got a little tired of it, myself... sometimes i'd take a leisure stroll on my old blog site and, i... cringe. especially at the earliest posts. i cringe, and then i laugh. i'd find myself thinking about how much time changed, and even though as it goes day-by-day ... we don't feel a thing; looking back now, everything is so different. anyway, yep, as you may have noticed, i stopped blogging. i'm just going to do what everyone else does: blame facebook. (they blame facebook for EVERYTHING now. that poor thing, being the scapegoat) ;) no, really, i also was ready for some changes. i know i've been off the seat for a while, especially from doing blogs... just because i don't blog anymore doesn't mean there aren't trillions of things occurring in my mind and happening in my life. in fact, there are considerably a lot of them.

i'm having this wonderful and familiar itch now and like what i'd say more than often in the past: i'm so ready to write my life away! i've been having oodles and jumbles of stuff to talk about. so, what do i do? welcoming myself aboard!

internet, ready or not, i'm back.

i remember my very first blog site. i was fifteen and a sophomore in high school. internet was the newest and beyond comparison the finest thing around. i created an account at some ultimately teen-girl-ish - yes, a very pink-ish and tacky site (i was fifteen!) - where teen girls come and moan at their adolescence privations. yes, i was one of them. i'd sneak and blog at the computer lab in my high school. nobody knew i had one, not a single soul and thank goodness. it was my little secret. a cute little (yes, a little pathetic one, as well) secret. i'd write about "what recently happened in the hallway five minutes ago! you won't believe it, you won't believe it!" totally hyperventilating that a guy i liked looked at me and... smiled. i also said, "jassi is the name and mad-flirtin' is the game and since when do i go by the rules?" BUWHAHAHAHA. please. seriously. what was i talking about? i was practically a saint back then, i kid you not. drugs, sex, and alcohol were off limits by choice. yeah, i was a smart kid, had a good head on my shoulders and all that jazz. :)

give me time, and when i get the "feel" with this entirely new way for me to articulate myself, you so can bet i'll write so much you'd get so sick of me. 

i will, at least, try. :)