Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reeling back in, yeah!

the name is jessica but i've been going by jassi for so long now, i can't imagine being anything else. 

so, call me jassi. :)

i'm twenty-four, and was born in this granola crunchers' paradise of maryland also known as takoma park. i love takoma park, it being in the vicinity of washington, DC and i have this intense love and hate relationship with DC. i'm a vegetarian who loves chopped liver, cheese, and fish. as of today my favorite color is red but it's high likely that it may change tomorrow. i have a chocolate lab who is the love of my life even though he annoys me with that heart-wrenching puppy look of his. i love being in nature and to take long walks on a beach. i also love the cultural-high, sultry-feel, and the originality that i find in cities, above all in new york city. i am not afraid of heights but am terrified of the dark. my favorite season is autumn, yet, i love how summertime makes me feel timeless and carefree. i'm the lovable kind of scorpio... albeit complicated and mysterious. ok, ok... enough about me... for now. :)

i used to blog on xanga, and it's pretty much nonexistent these days. besides i got a little tired of it, myself... sometimes i'd take a leisure stroll on my old blog site and, i... cringe. especially at the earliest posts. i cringe, and then i laugh. i'd find myself thinking about how much time changed, and even though as it goes day-by-day ... we don't feel a thing; looking back now, everything is so different. anyway, yep, as you may have noticed, i stopped blogging. i'm just going to do what everyone else does: blame facebook. (they blame facebook for EVERYTHING now. that poor thing, being the scapegoat) ;) no, really, i also was ready for some changes. i know i've been off the seat for a while, especially from doing blogs... just because i don't blog anymore doesn't mean there aren't trillions of things occurring in my mind and happening in my life. in fact, there are considerably a lot of them.

i'm having this wonderful and familiar itch now and like what i'd say more than often in the past: i'm so ready to write my life away! i've been having oodles and jumbles of stuff to talk about. so, what do i do? welcoming myself aboard!

internet, ready or not, i'm back.

i remember my very first blog site. i was fifteen and a sophomore in high school. internet was the newest and beyond comparison the finest thing around. i created an account at some ultimately teen-girl-ish - yes, a very pink-ish and tacky site (i was fifteen!) - where teen girls come and moan at their adolescence privations. yes, i was one of them. i'd sneak and blog at the computer lab in my high school. nobody knew i had one, not a single soul and thank goodness. it was my little secret. a cute little (yes, a little pathetic one, as well) secret. i'd write about "what recently happened in the hallway five minutes ago! you won't believe it, you won't believe it!" totally hyperventilating that a guy i liked looked at me and... smiled. i also said, "jassi is the name and mad-flirtin' is the game and since when do i go by the rules?" BUWHAHAHAHA. please. seriously. what was i talking about? i was practically a saint back then, i kid you not. drugs, sex, and alcohol were off limits by choice. yeah, i was a smart kid, had a good head on my shoulders and all that jazz. :)

give me time, and when i get the "feel" with this entirely new way for me to articulate myself, you so can bet i'll write so much you'd get so sick of me. 

i will, at least, try. :)