Monday, July 26, 2010

Paper, pen, and Jassi

Crack in the distance, a flash in the sky. Yesterday the untamed mother nature came in the form of a storm, her winds so strong the trees blew away and caused a widespread power outage.

Been reported that we may not have power, not for few hours, but multiple-days.

First, the blizzard. Then there was the earthquake. And now this. Okay, Germantown, fess up. What IS going on?

now, there goes any chance of having a perfectly productive week which I had originally planned. Yet, the light of this storm is that I'm writing again. :)
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

It was that morning, high on a mountain, when I knew...

with each sunrise, we start anew.

I remember...

the greatest wonder of the world.

summer boardwalk, saltwater taffy and 
the Jersey shore.

no place is as sweet as being home.

the blue, wide, open
Oklahoma sky.

it was on a Wednesday, and 
New York glowed.

and on Saturday,
it's off to Vegas I go.

what a summer it has been... so far.