Friday, March 27, 2009

Tomorrow is fresh...

... and with no mistakes in it.

friday night in. talk about bliss. i'm positively lethargic, so you can only imagine how deep-fried my brain is. still, that did not stop me from thinking earlier about 'mistakes' that people make. i'm as human as i can get so naturally i have my own share of errs, yet i do try to learn from them. experience, to me, is the name we give our mistakes. i also believe others' screw-ups could be our own lessons, as well which is why we don't befall upon the exact same mistakes at the same time. everyone learns a lesson in different ways, different times in their lives, and at different places. it's so important to be able to listen, and unfold how you're able to learn from the others. whenever i feel downright shitty about screwing up, i think... OK, i'll deal with it now and say look, this is also a lesson for you, too. mistakes that have been made do not sum up a person as a whole, really. i remember mentioning to a friend before about how it's rather odd that when a person is mean, we'd be subjective about it. but when a person is nice, then nice is just nice.

i have had close ones totally messing up... and i forgave them. for some people, i've seen the good qualities surpassing the bad; it's their good qualities that will be remembered by. i'd know. life is really too short to hold grudges.

i'm not saying i always find myself being off the mark... *laughs* i'm just saying i'll never feel less of myself for the lessons i've made. :)

i came across a saying earlier by maya angelou:

"you may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, i'll rise."

anyway, i have a confession to make... i've been harboring this secret for a long while. i'm ridiculously addicted to the twilight series. i could have sworn that stephenie meyer must have done some kind of philter while writing this series. i'm mesmerized, captivated, and enthralled with this mythical world of hers.

the thing is that, i was never particularly intrigued by fantasy novels-- sci-fi ones, me usually say "see you later." i'd usually see myself finding no excitement in overly popular-crazed books, for i found the harry potter series mind-numbing. i never finished the first book, not even halfway done. twilight, on the other hand, makes my heart flutter. i'd think, stupid vampire book, i need sleep! it's for tweens... i tell myself.... still i melt when edward tells bella he prefers brunettes.

vampires. for as long as i could remember, i always thought they were hot. always somewhat had a thing for them.

damn, i've been bitten.

before i go and tuck myself under covers with a good book (my kind of night), here's a photo of the day:

giggling is my god-given talent :)