Monday, December 20, 2010

Doing the 30 day photo challenge.

I detest conformity with every fiber of my being so I have no idea why I'm doing this, but I am.

I will not be able to blog faithfully for 30 days in a row … heck, I don't know if I'd even complete 30 days. Nevertheless, this is a challenge and I love challenges. Yeah, might as well have fun while I'm at it.

Here I go.

Day Number One: 10 random things about you and the most recent photos\ of yourself.
  1. I love fashion. I love clothes. I love shoes. I love the romantic look: lace, flower-prints, skirts, and dresses to name a few.
  2. If developing crushes on fictional characters were a religion, I'd be the most religious person I know.
  3. I love it when people hug me with both arms.
  4. Whenever I'm pissed, angry, hurt, sad, or wanting to deal with whatever I'm feeling at the moment, I'd drink ice-cold water in a single gulp and watch a really funny movie. Or I'd start cleaning up, and I'd do it so well you'd find everything ridiculously spotless.
  5. Sometimes I have all the confidence in the world; sometimes I am really shy.
  6. I used to think I was cursed because I had curly hair. I once burned a gunk of my hair while trying to make it straight. It’s hard to believe I felt that way considering how much I now embrace my every single curl.
  7. I'm a foodie.
  8. Without realizing, I overcame my fears of darkness, knives, and boiling water.
  9. I laugh easily… sometimes at the most inappropriate times. :-/
  10. I love conversations that last until the wee hours. I love the 20-questions game even more.
Oh, right. The pictures. In order, I suppose.

you know my name, but not my story.
[this recent weekend]