Wednesday, December 29, 2010


There are things we can't change. Like the way the wind blows, or the way the sun rises in the east and shines through your bedroom window in the mornings, or snowflakes in December. Or the color red. Or the people you meet throughout your life, some will stay for a moment and then gone the next; some remain. Or the way your breath catches in your throat when you get a chill or that mini heart-attack when you feel frightened. Or, best of all, how you can't seem to prevent your stomach from aching when laughing hard.

See, we can't change change itself. Change is good even though sometimes it doesn't seem like it. Change is life, and life is always changing. You could be changing, I am changing. We are changing. Things don't change without a reason. Everything is changing, and it is time that we all start to realize it.

I'm ready... to bid this year a good farewell. I met many new people, made new friends, and had my share of interesting learning experiences. This year has been a great one... and the next, 2011... is going to be even better!

I leave you with those three words:

Auld Lang Syne