Monday, September 07, 2009


found something i wrote a little less than a year ago. i must have been either really bored on the metro or really observant. either way, i am not sure what to think of this.

It is November 3, 2008. I am on the metro on way home from work and I can sense it. I can smell the stress here in Washington. I can feel it in the air. I can taste it. I can see the faraway look on people's faces when riding on the train. Maybe I cannot hear; yet, I am listening to what is arising. Two big games: tonight the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing at the FedEx Field, home of the Washington Redskins. Tomorrow night, in the light of democracy, the face of our country, begins a new chapter for us all, as one. Our fate will be sealed... either John McCain or Barack Obama will finally bring this nation to a higher (and hopefully for the better) level.

Football and presidential election, I got my game face on. America, you inspire me.

I confess. I am a martyr, a traitor to DC natives - I badmouth this place all the time. However, it is dawning on me that what America has been waiting for is in my backyard. Moreover, I have been "literally" turning my back on to what people desire for: hope and change... It is all happening here at home in Washington, DC.

Also got me thinking about Bush's years in the White House. Have he been tending after his backyard? How can he walk through his own backyard, being so blind? He sends our people overseas, taking away their lives, away from their families.

In Bush's backyard, in the DC I like to say I don't like, there are mothers and children who experience the kind of life Bush will never understand and allows himself to be blind about-- instead of giving the people of his backyard a helping hand and/by bringing families closer together, he pulls more apart by, needless to say, sending people to Iraq.
How would you lead when it is a question of ethics?
That is what democracy is to me. It is not about what to do when we have been down spiraled in a financial fiasco; it is preserving the true meaning of America.

We see the result of ethics through action, not words. Leadership is action.

What do they say? It starts in your own backyard.