Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Last Lion

long time ago, when i was probably ten years old or even younger, i had the chance to perform at a charity in washington. i was to sign a song while marvin hamlisch, a well-renowned musician doing what he does best: playing the piano.

after performing, i turned to someone and went, "there was a guy sitting in right front of me and he cried. he had tears in his eyes while watching me."

"that was senator kennedy," she said, smiling at my confusion. "ted kennedy."

that was one of my most vivid memories, and to this very day, i still remember the look in his eyes. i can't begin to describe how humane they were. i have repeated this story from time to time over the years.

politics may not be the same without him, but he is finally with his loved ones. john and robert (and the rest of the "camelot" family) have been waiting a bit too long. i swear i'd burst at just the thought of them reuniting. :)

a well-written obituary on the senator:



while we are at it, i'd tell you that this picture gets to me every single time for, like, forever. i'm still in search of the original copy of that certain photograph. this was on the day of john jr's third birthday and he claims he doesn't remember doing the salute. his mother, jacqueline, rehearsed the salute with him before the funeral but for some reason, he could never get it right. jackie eventually gave up on him and only hoped he'd get it right ... and, well, we all can assume that he did. :)

for what they have contributed to the people of our country,

i salute to the kennedy family.