Saturday, October 30, 2010


You're probably thinking what the inferno am I doing blogging on this Saturday night -- it being the eve before Halloween where all mischef happens, also Gallaudet homecoming and the Rally to Restore Sanity ... but of course I had to be sick this weekend out of all weekends.  For a long time when growing up, I'd always be sick on Halloween. In the past few years I got away with it... apparently, this year, just as I had the entire weekend filled with things to do, the flu has decided to come, being on their merry way into my system.

I remember this very Halloween. Yes, I was a sick teddy-bear.
So much for going to the Rally to Restore Sanity, Homecoming, and Halloween party.

There will be long blogs coming up perhaps this week or the next. I have a lot of papers to do, with one on gender communication. That one should be interesting. If I could sum up the paper in total of few words, it will be like this:

Enough said.