Monday, March 08, 2010

marching into march

being sick as a dog during midterms does me no justice… yet am making the best out of it by opening the windows in my room, letting the breeze come in and out, as they please while i do my papers. i have to do what i have to do. besides, it is quite beyond the bounds of possibility to make such a fuss on a lovely day like this one… especially after that one crazy winter we had. outside my windows i can see people riding on their bikes, running, playing out in the yard, and simply appreciating the first spell of spring :)

the untamed february fury is over. i’m bidding winter an adieu and welcoming march with a big, grand, bear hug… enough for me to forget for a moment that i am practically physically defective and i have midterms to do…

ah, yeah. i better get back to that before i’m charmed by the bewitchment of spring ;)