Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cabin fever.

i am taking a break from doing schoolwork to whine about the snowpocalypse.

just for the record, it is snowing as i type this. blizzard number two. i know i prayed for some snow.

well, let us say i got more than what i had bargained for. we had about 22 inches here from last weekend and am expecting another 15-20. mother nature, i love you... really, i do... but, have some mercy. we had no power for about 30 hours the past weekend; i slept in layers of clothing and blankets (and gained an utmost respect for those people from the days of old. even more for those who suffer without electricity on a daily basis.). i also learned that we might have no power again due to this another storm. i am confined inside for the time being once again, so annoy me all you want.  doesn't happen often. :D

oh, i'm also getting so skilled at snow shoveling, to put it mildly. i'm adding that mega-skill to my resume.

but... i must admit it was really nice sitting by the fireplace in the pitch dark last weekend, reading, and just letting my thoughts wander. i needed just that... to take a break from... well, electricity.

better yet, it is beautiful here. beautiful, warm, and cozy. 

i love winter. :)