Friday, June 26, 2009

25 things about me on the 25th day of June

1. when i see an old man, i would think, oh seriously... please be married or have a family around, or close friends, even. please don't let him be lonely. my heart can't take it.

2. i've been going by jassi since the summer before my seventh grade year. i was eleven years old.

3. i'm quite aware of how much i've grown during the last two years of my life -- i'm constantly grateful for the courage and strength (with the help of my family and close friends) that i was given to help me going through the most complicated times; especially the blessing to know i was still able to smile every single day, regardless. sure, i "mellowed" down; yet there's still that good ol' little firecracker in me. it is a liberating feeling to realize i can overcome challenges; learn more about the world by being out there: free, crazy, and getting stronger. no, that does not mean i'll go back to two years ago and do it all over again. those times are long over, finished, and done with. that little firecracker is here to stay, though... showing you she was not born yesterday! :)

4. i can't, can't, can't stand gore-ish, disgusting stuff you see on movies, or in real life, or in pictures, or even by description. i just... can't. fathom. the. thought. or. the. sight. of. it. period.

5. i get inspired easily so it's no surprise that i'd find various career paths so exhilarating. for instance... one day i'd want to own a children's bookstore with a bakery; then i'd want to be a lawyer; then the next day i'd decide i want to be a guardian ad litem; there was even one day when i gave being a kindergarten teacher a thought; i am currently jessica s. baldi, b.s.w. (whoo pee doo. big deal.) which means i have a degree in social work; but i'm also thinking about being a nutritionist; i also wanted to be a family judge, and being a school principal was my latest inspiration. but truthfully, i would drop all of that to be a mother of many and wife to one.

6. that brings me to this: my family is my life.

7. i admire sarah silverman and nicole richie. i know you may be thinking,  "is this girl for real? interesting choices." interesting, indeed but i have my reasons and they're damn fine reasons.
(edit on february 5, 2010 - they are not the only people i admire, mind you. :))

8. i'm the only vegetarian in my meat-eating jewish family.

9. that brings me to this: i'm jewish. here, i present you my gorgeous hebrew name:
rivka shifra bas shoshanah. only if that was my real name, as well. i would love to get married under a huppah (which is also gorgeous... and oh so cozy, personal, intimate). i'd put my-husband-to-be's foot to the task of crushing glass because, oh what's a jewish wedding without the sound of a breaking glass? mazel tov!

10. what's up with all this talk of marriage and kids? i have no idea considering how single i am. who says you have to be taken to be settled down? last i checked, i'm pretty settled down (well, kinda :D). yup that's my declaration of independence. ;) i've had enough relationship experiences and i'm serving my time of being single so it all balances out pretty well. right now, a star is in the ascendant. i'm not looking, i'm not steering clear of relationships altogether, either. i will fall in love when everything is in the right place, the right time, and when i least expect it. besides, i don't want anything that is big and flashy. i want something that is true, honest, and real.

11. if i didn't live in such a teeny, weensy, bitty deaf community, albeit feisty (the one i'd always compare to hollywood--more about that some other boring time), i'd get a head start on writing an autobiography of my life so far. i only can imagine how much it will impact people, and perhaps even make a difference. more often than not, i'd be so, so, so tempted to just go ahead and do it, no matter which community i am in... but goodness gracious great balls of fire, it WILL make people go... thud. hmm... that may be kind of fun to watch. ;)

12. i love to travel. i traveled a lot when i was a kid. i still travel a lot, and will continue doing so. :)

13. i get this fuzzy, warm, and tingling feeling in my stomach whenever i witness or experience
strangers' generosity first handed. i'd notice small things, like when someone lets you cut in the line at a grocery store. a gesture like that means everything to me.

14. oh, that reminds me. i had that momentous self-discovery in one of my classes last semester. even though i rarely get mad, nothing sets me off like when i see someone being vindictive to someone else. whoa, golly-gee, hell has no wrath like a woman scorned. never knew i had that in me. i left class secretly floating with a smiling gale. THAT FELT GOOD.

15. i'm a sucker for foreign films.

16. i love hiking. i love walking. i walk everywhere. fourteen miles a day? sure, bring it on. been there, done that. being in nature is a big part of me.

17. i'm a homebody. i have no problem with staying in on weekends - often i'd be puzzled as of why some people would feel otherwise.

18. i favor-favor twitter over facebook. i'm much more "active" on the micro-blog rather than the latter. (edit on february 5, 2010 - ah, the novelty has worn out, i guess. i twit so much less but still use it occasionally to follow news and people i admire)

19. i'm a hardcore chocolate whore that it's just ridiculous.

20. when i was freshly sixteen, i had bravely went under the knife so that a four-hour plastic surgery could be performed on me. consider my life changed. i fully support the whole concept of cosmetic up-do's. does wonders to a person's self-esteem. but... please, i'm begging you, for the sake of yours, try not to overdo it.

21. i was told of this tale: at eighteen months old, my father exhibited me to my aunt and said, "watch this," then threw me, YES-LITERALLY-THREW-ME, into the swimming pool. i had no floaters on, nothing to rescue me in case i drowned my-toddler-self. my aunt freaked the inferno out but there was i, my head above the water and swimming by myself. she looked at me with shock, saying to my father who was smiling and beaming with pride, "this is definitely your daughter."

22. even though i'm such a girl -- i love dresses, accessories, shoes, make up, and everything there is about being a woman -- i love getting dirty nor am afraid of skinned knees. in fact, i play football in the mud while raining; jump into my torn jeans and set up tents; dig up dirt; i have fun driving a bumper car; i want to go sky-diving and to bungee jumping. i'm fearless like that.

23. i'm mostly comfortable with smaller crowds.

24. i make some kick-ass eggplant parmesan. the best. just ask valerie.

25. i was born in america with italian parts, just so it happens my mother is russian and somehow i'm also irish, german, and scottish
(edit on february 5, 2010 - for most of my life, i was mistaken. i'm nowhere near scottish. i'm actually swiss. even better. :D). i'm currently studying french and i love mexican food. what do i say? i'm a worldly woman. :)