Thursday, June 15, 2017

ode to injesswebless

English class. 8th grade. I was thirteen years old.

And as per usual, whenever we were given an assignment, you’d find me back in the corner of the classroom, facing outside, uninterrupted. Ms. Swaiko, my teacher, often found it odd. My middle school teachers (and it continued all through high school) complained I talked too much in class; moving my seat never helped. However, I never thought Ms. Swaiko suspected a thing. I held myself in high regard, believing I was very skilled at appearing focused while effectively doing something else simultaneously. I’d quickly hide the paper, creating A-1 excuses such as: taking notes, doing homework ahead of time, or whatsoever.

Anyway, during one class, we had to do an outline for a project. Ms. Swaiko knew how much I loathed doing outlines, yet, that day I went on my merry way to my usual spot. Too puzzled, she decided to sneak up behind me, peeking over my shoulder, before tapping me on the shoulder.

I froze. Busted. My cover is blown. I’ve been discovered that I was secretly writing.

If you ever had Ms. Swaiko, you’d know her wrath if a student doesn’t do what she says. Also, if you knew me at thirteen, you’d know my wrath if I had to stay after school (right after school was the prime time of the day to grab a quick visit with the high school boys). It was like the capital punishment. Yet, I accepted my consequence and met with Ms. Swaiko to finish the outline; when I was done, she gave me a note to give my mother.

Ugh. Shit. As if staying after school wasn’t a punishment enough.

However, I delivered the letter to Mom that evening. She did a HUGE sigh and gave me her best what-did-you-do-this-time face before opening it. Just as I started to explain myself, Mom broke into a smile and nodded her head; after reading it, she handed me the note I hold dear to this day:

Sue --
You have a writer for a daughter
N. Swaiko

I'll be leaving this for Wordpress shortly and start blogging faithfully - blog name is in the works.

I almost want to do...


Yes for a blog name. 

And yes, my AOL screen name I created during freshman year of high school; the one that stayed with me well through college.

Anyway, point is: y'all will know. :)